Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Playing with colour 3...

The third (and probably last) picture shows a tree we saw at a little village at a fjord in Norway. (Sorry, forgot the name of the place). We had been camping and hiking close there and as we moved on to another place we saw that the street out of town was lined with trees with knitted "clothes.
The colors are a great combination and I could only pick 8 for the contest. I think this combination could make a great gender-neutral children's quilt if you take little rectangles of all the coulours in the picture, make long stripes and piece them randomly on a background.

Colourful Fjord

Canary - Snow - Turquoise
Bahama Blue - Tomato
Bright Pink - Bubble Gum - Lime

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  1. Hope you are making this quilt! And what a great way to remember a place you love!