Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Zakka Style

After reading all the fantastic blog posts about the Zakka Style book and the Sew-along I couldn't resist and bought the book.
I've already done two projects from it and plan several more. The instructions are short and you should have some experience in sewing, but clear enough.

For the first project (Sewing Kit) I combined some Essex Linnen with a Joe Dewberry Bird scrap and some Hope Valley with some orange/sand coloured dots. I added a little bit of leather in the smaller compartment where I want to keep my scissors. They are pretty sharp and I was afraid they would wear out the thin linen pretty fast. I love the result and use it in the evening for my english paper piecing while watching TV, it fits perfectly over the armrest of our sofa.I made the pincushion smaller than in the book because I want to fit some fabric for paper piecing in the leftover space. I added two selvages for interest.

The second project I tried was the Orchad Path Tweed Pouch. I had to downsize it because I only had a small scrap of a very beautiful dark fabric that looks almost like tweed. I got it in a scrap pack I bought at the Victoria & Albert museum in London last year. The zipper was from there as well and because it sets the accent colour I chose some red leather to go at the corners. Sewing with (to thick) leather is kind of stupid, but I love the result. 

I had a scrap of a little red flower left from bag I did last month and cut it in a hexagon shape and just sewed it on. I think more hexagons would be too much on the small pouch.

I really messed up the zipper at on end, but I love the pouch. My templates and papers for the EPP live there now and I always have to smile when I use them.

I'm to late to link to the Zakka Style Sew-a-long, maybe next time.


  1. I love that bird fabric and the orange flowers. I bought the book too but have done nothing : )

  2. I know so many who really like and use this book so much, so I might give it a try.
    Thanks for reminding me that fabric can be bought at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
    That zipper looks dapper!
    (I have NO idea what that means but it sounds goooood *lol*)