Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Fotomarathon 2012

On saturday I spend over 12 hours walking through Berlin and trying to take some great and creative pictures. At the end I was tired, my feet hurt and my brain was numb - I loved it! 
The "Fotomarathon" is a organized event with over 400 registered participants, either single or as a team. We were given a overall topic ("enjoy the moment") and 8 picture titles and the time and place of another meet-up in 4 hours. And then we got the next 8 and another meeting place. We had to take 24 pictures and the challenge was to take them in the order they are written down, no going back, the time on your camera is registered as well.

I wasn't registred, but my best friend was. And she was in a team with a school friend I haven't seen for ages, so I thought I join them in the fun. I have no idea how to operate a "real" camera nor 
do I know anything of light, exposure etc. So I mostly tried to be creative, sometimes modeled and took some funny pictures of the others taking the real picture.

In the beginning it was raining and we and all our equipment got wet. But later we had much nicer weather, even a bit of sunshine and no trouble taking pictures until sunset was getting nearer.

This was a shooting for the title "carefree", but finally we took another version. 


  1. This sounds like an amazing day!!

  2. Great idea. Gotta tell me the exact route (at least the Stadtbezirke ;-)! I was working when the hard rain came down.

  3. You had fun! Sounds like a long day but a good one.