Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Colour choices...

I've been working on this quilt since january. While I was studying in January/Febuary/March I designed, cut and pieced the quilt top in little breaks in-between. I studied for 20 minutes with a timer, sewed for 20 minutes, studied again... This way I could really concentrate on my reading because I knew in 20 minutes I'd be allowed to do something different again.

Then the top and back were stored away because I wasn't sure how to quilt them, and then we moved, I started something else and... You know what its like. Recently I thought a lot about a quilt design and yesterday afternoon I just started basting and quilting. Well... after some stitches (nearly a bobbin!) I noticed that I didn't like the design nor my performance of it. I set down in front of the TV and ripped it out. Then suddenly the inspiration hit me and I decided to just quilt circles, a little bit off-centred. And I just sat down and did it. Its absolutely not perfect, let's call it intentionally organic and wavy, ok?

And only 5 hous after I started basting I had a finished quilt, including time for dinner and seam ripping. And then I was stuck. I can't decide which binding to choose.

 The original plan was to use the light green one. It would fit great in our living room or the tiny library corner. But I think its a bit boring. I bought the stripes for another project, but I think they would look good here as well. And last (but not least) I have a beautiful red. I think it sets of the other colours nicely and ties them together.
But is it to bold? What do you think?

:-) C.


  1. I would go for something really simple here - how about the darker background fabric that your stripey fabric is touching? But that is just me!

    Or the stripe!?

  2. First I though red, but after reading Nicky's comment I thing I agree with her. The darkest brown that I see on the right would tie it all together.
    Maybe, I'm too late and you are done already?