Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

Playing with colour 2...

This is a mosaic for Cindy - Fluffy Sheep Quilting's contest to find great Kona Cotton bundels.

I took this picture on our holiday in Namibia/Botswana. We were in The Okavango Delta, a great place were a gigantic river slowly fades into a desert. In the region we traveled there was still enough water all year round to grow a forest and on a thousand tiny islands the wildlife was free to go everywhere. We saw a lot of animals. One evening our local guides took us with tine wooden boats to a swimming spot and later on our way back to the camp we saw this fantastic sunset. And no... no editing took place. This picture is just as my camera took it. In reality it was even more intense.

Okavango Delta Sunset

School Bus - Orange - Papaya 
Tangerine - Hibiscus
 Corn Yellow - Dark Violet - Navy

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